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CoastRide is a "Registered Hitch Hiking" program currently running on the east side of Sechelt Inlet, Sechelt, BC, Canada.

For safety and security those who want rides and those drivers who may give them are registered with their community association. A photo ID is issued. The likelihood of some nefarious character registering and having confirmed details about themselves on record certainly lends confidence to all that no "bad guys" are involved.

Drivers show a visor card with their photo and pick up Riders at designated "CoSpots" in the communities and in downtown Sechelt. They are not obligated to pick up anyone. They only agree that if they do they will drop someone in Town if that is the direction or at a CoSpot if going the other way.

Riders show a photo ID card. They are to be courteous and polite. Pets are excluded unless it is a medical emergency and the Driver agrees.

When Sechleters can't get a bus, they get smart!
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A Transit System with no bus - good for the environment - save gas - meet neighbours - reduce the carbon footprint.
Easy and fun and safe
We are on our way again!

Two signs up in East Porpoise Bay
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CoSpot signs up at Sandy Hook mail boxes

SEE New signs in Town
Shell Station on Trail
Insta Glass on Wharf
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